02 July 2009

Recently, I received some samples of organic lotions (ok, it was an Earth Day promo and i'm just getting to use them). I thought I'd compare the 2 lotions since they were both organic and both lavender.

First I tried Avalon Organics Lavender lotion. It was thick, went on smoothly and smelled very calming. I plan on buying some as soon as my current lotion stash is depleted (ok, dwindles....)

Then, I tried Dessert Essence Organics Bulgarian Lavender lotion. It was much runnier and had an "off" smell. I couldn't even finish the sample.

(admittedly not the best review....but I'm writing this after the fact, so it's not like I took copious notes....)

Ok, now on to my "hmmm...." moment. I got a bunch of samples in a reusable tote from Drugstore.com during an Earth Day promotion. Doesn't that sort of defeat the whole idea of being good to the earth? All those tiny plastic bottles (only a few of which were recyclable) and tiny foil packets (which aren't recyclable)...