03 July 2011

getting patriotic

I've been asked to come speak to DieselBaby's class on the 4th of July. Other parents have come to talk about their customs, culture, holidays. So this weekend, DieselBaby and I have decided to make Flag cookies. (Ok, not really decided as it is a tradition** so we had no choice...)

I used this recipe. Usually, I substitute almond extract for the vanilla. Not knowing if there were nut allergies, I chose to go with plain vanilla. The recipe really holds it shape when cooked and it's not too sweet.
Using take-out container lids as my guide, I rolled out the dough.

perfect width for the cutter

gotta flour the cutter or the dough gets stuck in all the stars

maybe I should have shaved my edges...

** Tradition being, my mom got this cookie cutter in 1976 - a free cutter to celebrate the bi-centennial of the USA. She made flag cookies that year...and every year thereafter.

There is a picture of me on my first birthday eating a flag cookie. On DieselBaby's first birthday, we got a picture of him with a flag cookie too.

In her will, I got the cookie cutter. My sister got the piano.