23 December 2009

it's a crafting holiday...

I had huge aspirations for this Christmas.  Lots of cool toys/crafts to make for DieselBaby.  It seems like every day off I had was spent doing other things (laundry, groceries, sleeping, etc). Finally got a chance to do some crafting this week.  

First, I made some fabric blocks.  DieselBaby got some for Christmas last year and he loved playing with them.  They are a present for some little ones. One has different textures (corduroy, felt, fleece, etc) and the other has rainbow colored fabric. 

Then I made a stocking. I had wanted to cross stitch one last year, but couldn't find a pattern.  Seriously, where do you hide those things Micheals, Hobby Lobby, Prairie Gardens?? where??  So as this year started to run away from me again, I thought I'd just whip one up. Maybe DieselBaby will get a new stocking every year. That will be his tradition. (just kidding since that would be sooo un-EcoFriendly).  The stocking is felt with a minky cuff.  I love minky, but its a *** to work with. 

Lastly, made him a stuffed monkey with velcro facial features. He is learning where his eyes, ears, nose, mouth are.  I thought this would be a great way for him to practice. "where is the monkey's eyes? nose?".  There is little pocket in back to hold all the little pieces so we don't lose them. In hindsight, I'd probably stay away from felt as it snags on the velcro.  The pieces are also a little small and will probably get put in  his mouth at some point. I used old pieces of fabric and the scraps from this project to stuff the monkey. Trying to be EF.... 

(tried hard to flip these pics, but wouldn't happen)

ETA: The monkey pattern was just freehanded.  I'm not one who follows patterns.  If you are interested in my "pattern" or want one for your little one, just let me know.