23 June 2009

Channeling Martha Stewart

So with a big birthday coming up, I felt the urge to channel Martha Stewart.  I want a banner that says "Happy Birthday".  In the spirit of being EF, I have decided to make one.  One of the most daunting things about this banner was the letters. Do I do felt? How do I cut them out so they look half-way decent?  How do I attach them- stitch or iron? Searching my favorite place to shop (Etsy), I came across some awesome letters that you just iron on.  SCORE!  

First hurdle crossed, now what colors do I use?  I had a devil of a time deciding between a Stars and Stripes theme or fun colors/patterns.  I opted for bright colors so we could use it for other birthdays.  
There are lots of patterns on the web. I just wanted some triangles, so I made a template and got cutting.  Cutting a gazillion triangles with scissors is a pain in the tushie.  Luckily Joann's was having a sale on Fiskars, so I got a rotary cutter and mat. That thing was a huge timesaver!!

Making sure I spelled "Happy Birthday" correctly...
 I'm so proud of myself.  It wasn't really that hard/time consuming either. We'll have to see what I can whip up on my next day off....

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