11 November 2009

the "quiet book"... but will it work?

When planning our upcoming trip to Boston (yeah!), I was trying to figure out ways to get DieselBaby quiet during the plane ride.  I during my endless surfing, I happened upon this awesome craft blog.  She has a tutorial for a "quiet book" she made for her son.  I used her patterns along with some pages from my book as a child to make one for DieselBaby. I was a bit rushed as my projects always seem to be more time consuming that I had planned. 

This page has a person (well, it's supposed to look like a person).  He has several shirts and pants that can be changed. I had a wonderful cotton print that had lots of Hawaiian print shirts on it.  I cut out a few shirts.  The pants are a bit of corduroy from pants that got a whole in them.

I had a page like this in my quiet book, but the clothes were just pieces of felt. 

Unfortunate placement of a velcro dot makes the un-
clothed person a bit risque...

A rocket that shoots the moon....

I'm mighty impressed with my tulle
 smoke and orange felt fire 
shooting out of the rocket.

Mailbox that has a door that closes. The letter is attached with elastic so he can take it out.  The flag also goes up and down. 

The barn is cool.  The doors open to reveal animal finger puppets inside.  I hope we don't lose them.  The cow has brown spots, so I think that makes him a Holstein cow. The pig has a pink curly tail on the bag (pink rick rack).  The chicken is white minky.  So soft!

sorry the pics suck!

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