24 November 2009

Turkey time!

Loving my newest craft project.  I made a turkey shirt for DieselBaby to wear on Thanksgiving.  The feathers are bits of scrap fabric (ok, they would have been scrap fabric if I sewed a lot. The fabric was actually purchased to make this.)  The body is an old pair of corduroy pants.  The eyes and beak actually are scrap bits of fabric from this summer's banner projects. I sewed down the center of each feather so it can move.

Did you know that it is freakin' hard to find plain t-shirts/onesies for kids?  i searched for several weeks to find a plain shirt for this project.  Thinking maybe I'd find a clearance t-shirt i could just layer.  Nope.  Nothing.  I ended up getting a (way too expensive) t-shirt that had a pocket and tearing the pocket off.  Next time I find plain shirts, I'm definitely stocking up.  I have plans for a Christmas shirt and Easter shirt....

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