29 January 2010

Cold weather rant...

So... it's FREAKIN' cold here (I know...I'm always here to give the breaking news). I walk to work every day (by the time I walk to the bus stop, wait for the bus, stop-and-go to my stop and then walk to the office I could have already been at work.) Here are a few things that irk me:

1) to the hoochie girls i've passed on my walk: it's minus a bajillion degrees out. you are wearing your big poofy coat and current season UGG boots. why do you have your ear muffs strategically placed under your perfectly coifed hair? put a damn hat on!!!! no one cares what your freaking hair looks like when it is this cold out (or dare i say...we never care what your skunk-striped, over-processed locks look like.) This is said by the woman wearing a ski mask, earband, and thermal hat.

2) to the man who rides the elevator with me twice a week: it's minus a bajillion degrees out. I'm standing in front of the (outdoor) elevator. the red light is on indicating that i've already pressed the UP button. why do you have to push me out of the way to push the button not once, but twice??? do you really think i'm standing here b/c i like the cold??? no. i'm waiting for the elevator. like i do every day.

rants over.

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