30 January 2010

Bubbles, bubbles, darn you bubbles....

I have been trying to use products that are better for the environment and me (free of parabens, SLS and petroleum-based ingredients, no animal testing, biodegradable).

A few months back, I found a great deal ($7.99 for 32 oz) on Nature's Gate liquid soap in a refreshing scent-Pomegranate Sunflower. I love the way it smells. I love the way it lathers. So does DieselBaby. He loves all the bubbles it makes for him to play with. That should have tipped me off that something was not right. This morning in the shower, I was looking at the bottle and noticed that the front says "Paraben free" but there were lots of hard to pronounce ingredients on the back. Looking it up on cosmeticdatabase.com, this soap has a rating of 5! That's the same rating as the Lever 2000 that I made DieselDaddy stop using! Granted, the Nature's Gate is never tested on animals and it is biodegradable and the Lever 2000 has lots of hard to pronounce ingredients, but I had expected a better rating than that Lever crap.

I'll finish my bottle, but I will definitely make sure to look at the back of the bottle before I buy in the future. Any good soap recs?

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  1. It might be because of fragrance. Did you look the ingredients individually? I know the Jason's I use is like it gets a low score because of the fragrance.