30 June 2011

pirate time

Since we're living around the world, we didn't get the pirate craze that hit the US a while ago. (or maybe it's just that we don't watch that much TV).

So when MADE had a pirate post, I was like "meh...". Then Jake and the Never Land Pirates came Down Under (29 May 2011). Holy Moly we went pirate crazy.

So for DieselBaby's birthday, I decided to make him a Jake vest. It looks pretty simple - just a blue vest with yellow trim and yellow buttons.

I used the Frontier Vest but added a fold-over collar. Once sewn together, I added a yellow bias tape around the collar (and blue on the armholes). The buttons were made using some of the yellow bias tape, so they match.

To complete the present, I made a head scarf using some red material I had in my stash, eye patch using black felt and picked up some gold doubloons.

ahoy mateys! the gift was a success :)

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