12 March 2011

Sleepy sheep

As I was browsing the fabric store this morning, I came across the cutest fabric. It was so soft. Just begging to be taken home and made into jammies. Unfortunately, it was too pricey for me to make jammies for myself. But I know a little guy who is in desperate need for more jammie pants.

Of course, it wouldn't be "Sewing with DieselMonkey" without some "oops!" moments. I have a pattern that I've drafted, but I keep forgetting which is the body and which is the legs. I, once again, drafted upside-down. This made the body part very short.

So I dug thru my scraps bag and came up with some blue ribbing that matched the sheepies. Oh, I also neglected to pick up more elastic when I was at the store (oops!). So I decided to stretch the ribbing to make the top of the pants.

Turned out well despite the Oops! I'm glad DieselBaby won't be wearing these outside though...they are a little wonky.

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