20 March 2011

Winging it...

Here I go again....trying to sew without a pattern.

A few days ago, I picked up some remnant fabric at the "hoity toity" fabric shop ($3 for a smidgeon of fabric). I thought I'd just make DieselBaby some shorts - he can always use more shorts. Problem was that this fabric was a little too dressy for school shorts.

DieselDaddy started showing me shirts he thought would look good made out of the fabric -picture kaftan or something like this tunic this from Made By Rae. Little did DieselDaddy know, I'd been Celebrating the Boy and planned on making DieselBaby some new clothes.

So I got it in my little brain to make a shirt instead of shorts. No pattern... no problem. (See, I'm to cheap to actually buy a pattern, b/c what if it's too hard, or I don't like it, or...or...I'm a cheapskate.)

I found a button down shirt of DieselBaby's (that might actually fit. Who knows...he never wears it.). Traced that shape and then started splicing in my "ideas".

I used every last bit of that fabric. The contrasting inner is actually b/c I didn't have enough of the plain navy. I think the contrast gives it that added "pop".

And since DieselBaby isn't around to try it on, you get Oatmeal (the bear) wearing the shirt.

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  1. That's a great shirt - love the contrast lining. And yay for no-pattern sewing! Xx