06 April 2011

Mission Organization - shoes

One of my daily blog reads, iHeart Organizing, is having a purge-a-thon. Since we recently moved halfway around the world and only took 7 suitcases worth of stuff, I didn't think I'd have much to "purge".

It's true...I don't. I only brought two pairs of work shoes, and trainers (I did bring back my beach shoes when we were home in January). Since I rotate my work shoes each day, can't get rid of those. And my trainers...what if I actually decided to work out. Gotta keep the beach shoes bc I don't want sand in my trainers or work shoes.

What I
can do is organize our shoes. We have a little "nook" under the kitchen island as you walk into the apt. We always just chuck off the shoes, turning them into one big shoe pile. I see it as a learning tool - DieselBaby has to find a PAIR of shoes each morning. See...he's learning!

But seriously, the space needs some organization.

I had picked up some big foam letters and various wooden pictures when we were state-side. I put the foam letters up over the area DieselBaby would put his shoes. I added a little helicopter ("hell-i-doctor") and a hook for his school bag/hat.

For DieselDaddy and my shoes, I just lined them up. We'll see how long that lasts....

Oh...and I totally miss my shoe collection. I had 2
Ikea shoe organizers that I had filled with a rainbow's color of shoes. I loved my shoes. My pink shoes. My red shoes. My green shoes . But sadly, they didn't all make the cut to get their passport stamped...

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  1. Hi DieselMonkey! Like you I also have had to cut down my shoe collection...but the reality is that my lifestyle changed and my shoes just did not fit anymore ;) I did a 21-day purge last fall and got rid a lot of my fall/winter shoes so this go around I purged my bags...oh boy! Found some great, affordable shoe organizers at IKEA and it was a lot of work...but so worth it. Good luck in the giveaway and have a great day. Fondly, Roberta