11 April 2011

remnant skirt

There is a hoity toity fabric store on the walk to DieselBaby's school. The fabric is waaay out of my price range. Why do I stop by? Because the have an awesome remnant bin.

The fabric has threads stitched in the geometric pattern. Nice color combo for fall. I have a mauve/rose nail polish that matches :)

I used a (H&M $10 linen, drawstring) skirt that I liked to draft a pattern.

I took the top of the skirt measurement x2 to make sure it was at least the same length as my waist circumference. Then I added 2 inches for seams and comfort.

For the length, I measured the lenth of my H&M skirt. Then added 1.5inches (1.25 inch hem and 1/4 inch for folding at top).

For the width of the skirt, I measured my H&M skirt and added an 1 or so for some flare. I like the A-line look so I wanted to make sure my hem was a bit wider than my waist.

I connected the waist line and the hem line and ...voila...my pattern.

Turn right sides together and stitch up the sides and hem.

wow that looks really LONG

I folded the top edge over a smidge, then about 1/8-1/4 inch (using the thread lines as my guide). I like to enclose the raw edges so they won't fray. Then I zigzagged the elastic on the top (pulling the elastic gently as I stitched). I wore the skirt to work today with a tuxedo top from H&M. I got heaps of compliments on it :) I was almost embarassed to say how easy it was to make. I think the drafting of the pattern took me longer than the actual sewing....

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