15 April 2011

new skirt love

I remember when I was a teenager, my mom bought my sister some sailor pants. My mom said she loved them and that they were very figure flattering. My sister and I, both not caring about our figures b/c we were skinny-minnies, made fun of those pants. We called them "diaper pants". Not sure where that name came from....

Fast forward XX years (20?? no...I'm not
that old!) to my new favorite skirt. When I cut out the pattern, I added a little extra width to the hem. I like the look of A-line skirts.

There is a hidden panel connecting the 2 sides. This really helps to keep my post-baby belly bulge in check.

The fabric is a Home Decor fabric I found at Lincraft. It reminds me of Carolina from Alexander Henry. I like that the added weight helps to keep the shape of the pattern.

Back side panels mimic the front. Slight ruching might disguise the extra padding I've developed on my hips.

And course it wouldn't be "Sewing with DieselMonkey" without a little OOPS! I even followed the instructions this time. I never follow a pattern. In my defense, it was my first time ever sewing a zipper.

I plan on making a corduroy one for the winter. Not sure what color. I'm thinking maybe a nice plum...

COST: $28.60
1.4 m Hibiscus fabric $18.00
.25 m black chino fabric $2.00
thread $2.50
buttons $6.00

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  2. You crack me up! I was honored to recieve and now I am honored to give:)