02 May 2011

craft room

I've been sewing a lot recently getting ready for Summer of No Pants. Since we are in a 1-bedroom apartment, I've had search out somewhere to do my crafting. My sewing machine sits on top of DieselBaby's bookshelf. My ironing "board" and cutting area is the kitchen counter.

just a peek at my "craft room":

Given the close quarters and the late nights that I've been sewing (gotta wait until the kiddo is sound asleep or else he'll wake up), my pics are less than stellar. Half the time I've gone to take a picture only to find out that DieselBaby has been taking pictures with my camera and the battery is drained (hence the iPhone pics). On days that I can sneak out of work early, it's been rainy so the natural light shots are non-existent.

Someday I'll have a proper craft room...someday.

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