01 May 2011


I've been sewing recently for Summer of No Pants, so that has taken up most of my sewing time. Gotta make sure my skirt looks awesome (which it does...wore it today and got heaps of compliments).

Here is a recent quick sew for the little man. From MADE pants
tutorial. Love these pants b/c I can whip up a pair quicker than it takes me to blog about them. These are just the basic flat front. No extra pockets.
They aren't really uneven. Promise. One leg is just hanging a little flouncier.
I went to Target on Saturday - looking for pant for DieselBaby. $22 for pant for kiddo! I think I threw them back on the rack like they were contaminated. I could
not justify spending that much knowing at home I had cheap fabric and a quick pattern.

COST: $1.20
remnant $1.20
elastic - on hand
thread - on hand

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