10 May 2011

KCWC day3

Well, day 3 is here and so am I. Can't believe I'm still chugging out clothes for the little guy. Maybe it's the mountain of fabric I have right now.

Big surprise....I did another pair of pants for DieselBaby. This time I added a button-fly. DieselBaby has been working on fine motor skills. He likes doing his zipper on his jacket in the morning.
The pants still have elastic in the waist, so if he has to go RIGHT NOW, he can just pull them off. Although I imagine explaining to a 2 1/2 year old that he doesn't have to do the button is quite tricky.
It was my first time with the button fly, so mental notes for next time.
  1. don't need to use interfacing - it made sewing the placket (?) and cutting the buttonhole a little hard
  2. make R front a little wider in the center - so the placket can be centered
next time....
COST: $4.00
Happy sewing

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  1. These are great! I love the idea of a button for practice and elastic for "emergencies."

  2. Really cute! I've always liked button flys. Excellent work, thanks for sharing.